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Welcome back, NC State basketball

Let’s go get this.

NC State v Villanova Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

I know we’d all prefer NC State as annual ACC power in basketball, but I also like NC State as ACC insurgent, challenging the expected order of things within the league that the programs down the road have established. Honestly it’s more fun this way.

Dennis Smith Jr. is the leader of whatever you want to call this revitalized program; call it special, call it momentary, call it a necessary branch of checks-and-balances. I’m just sure this is how it should be most of the time.

The Pack is going to have to play through the best conference in the country, but I don’t have the anxiety I usually would about this, or about the season in general. There are no jinxes, no higher powers at work, and there is no need to knock on wood, because fuck that.

However you want to frame it, NC State isn’t supposed to finish near the top of the ACC this season. We’re gonna see about that.

Welcome back, NC State basketball.