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NC State forward Ted Kapita is immediately eligible

Whole lot of drama over nothing.

NCAA Basketball: N.C. State at Clemson
‘Bout damn time!
Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

NC State freshman power forward Ted Kapita has been dealing with his own complicated NCAA eligibility issue, but that’s all over now, and here we officially have the 2016-17 NC State basketball team. Kapita can play immediately.

Kapita did not play against Georgia Southern on Friday night, because his eligibility was still technically under review, but he will not officially have to serve any sort of suspension. That’s good news for an NC State team that is really going to need another quality frontcourt player/rebounder to win big games this season.

Kapita doesn’t need to contribute a ton of points for the Wolfpack to be successful, but it would help a lot if he could snag rebounds like they’re going out of style. Rebounds are always important, and never out of style.