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Omer Yurtseven ready to make NC State debut

Omer comin’.

Adidas Eurocamp 2015 - Day Two Photo by Roberto Serra/Iguana Press/Getty Images

After serving a nine-game suspension that turned out a little bit more painful than any of us would have liked, Omer Yurtseven is finally free of the shackles applied by our NCAA oppressors. And with Maverick Rowan back, this team is finally whole. And hopefully will, you know, start playing a whole lot better.

No more sad, solitary pre-game Omer!

(Was it part of the suspension that he couldn’t participate in the pre-game meal? That can’t be right, can it? Probably just a personal decision.)

It’s a good time for Yurtseven’s debut, because as Omega pointed out, App State is rather not good. The Mountaineers feature probably the worst defense we’ll see all season, which is an ideal circumstance for a freshman with some rust to shake off.

And let’s hope this week is the start of better overall performances from this NC State team so I can start walking back from this ledge.