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Highlights: The Markell Johnson-Shaun Kirk dunk connection

What can you say about Markell, he’s a giver.

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina State at Illinois Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

It’s just gonna be highlights day at BTP. Via the ACC Digital Network, here’s a handy recap of the dunk-related teamwork between Markell Johnson and Shaun Kirk so far this season. Johnson and Kirk connected on a pair of alley-oops against hapless McNeese State on Thursday night.

Markell could have easily taken the points himself in the second case, but I for one appreciate his efforts to help NC State make up ground on Florida State in the ACC dunk standings.

Florida State is out to a commanding lead, what with them being an entire team of very tall people, but the Pack put a dent in it on Thursday. My plan going forward if I’m NC State is to do a lot more dunks for the rest of the season because dunks are good and also useful.