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Video: NC State throws down trio of big dunks against Rider

dunkin the dunk-ass out of the ball

NCAA Basketball: ACC Operation Basketball
“I’m tellin’ you people, we are going to dunk a lot and then dunk a lot more.”
Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Led by Dennis Smith Jr., who I believe has more dunks than anybody on the team, NC State has been one of the dunkiest squads in the ACC so far. Against Rider on Wednesday, Smith threw down maybe his best of the year, a ridiculously forceful and angry-looking dunk, which as far as I’m concerned are the best kind.

Both Abdul-Malik Abu and Maverick Rowan got in on the action and the Broncs, and if you missed any of ‘em, State’s twitter account provided the highlights:

It was necessarily diplomatic of them to ask the poll question, but we’re all agreed it’s Dennis by a mile right? Right?