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Highlights: Dennis Smith throws down a pair of dunks

dunks dunks dunks let’s do more dunks

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina State at Illinois Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

Dennis Smith had a difficult day against Boston U. for the most part, but he still had opportunities to show off his impressive athleticism. During the second half, Smith dunked home a lob from fellow freshman Markell Johnson, and later he authored what is maybe the highlight of the season up to this point.

Wisely, Boston’s Cheddi Mosely quickly excused himself from that second play, realizing that he would have been on a poster forever if he acted otherwise. (News and Observer photographer Ethan Hyman got a great shot of that dunk, by the way. More photos from the game here.)

Mosely offers up a token contest and just kinda slides out of the way—and hey, this defensive breakdown wasn’t his fault, so why should he be the victim of it? That’s just smart basketball right there.

Anyway, Dennis Smith is very good. I hope we get to see many, many more dunks like this as the year progresses.