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NC State has a hell of a lot to figure out, beginning with this week

Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

NC State hasn't been a complete team this season, in either a figurative or literal sense. This group also has not played well together, and they have left themselves a lot to fix. After the game Saturday, Omer Yurtseven will make his debut, and Maverick Rowan should be back (if he doesn't play against Tennessee State), and that's it, that's the whole team. They have like seven minutes to prepare for league play.

Basically, we still have no idea what this NC State team constitutes or what to make of it. The early returns are bad, no question about that. The early returns are very, very bad. Let's not talk about those.

This is also an unprecedented team in the Mark Gottfired era, for countless reasons, beginning with the fact that its starting center is serving a nine-game suspension. State has one more game to get through before Omer Yurtseven is eligible and Maverick Rowan is fully cleared.

Still an incomplete team, but it is getting closer.