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NC State ACC basketball schedule: Matchups for 2016-17 and 2017-18 released

Glenn Beil-USA TODAY Sports

On Friday afternoon, the ACC released the conference matchups for each of the next two college basketball seasons. This does not include dates or times, which usually are not finalized until a few months prior to every season. But now we know which teams NC State will be playing twice and which teams it will only see once in the next two seasons.

NC State 2016-17
H&H: North Carolina, Wake Forest, Miami, Georgia Tech
Home: Virginia, Virginia Tech, Pitt, Syracuse, Notre Dame
Road: Florida State, Clemson, Duke, Louisville, Boston College

NC State 2017-18
H&H: North Carolina, Wake Forest, Clemson, Notre Dame
Home: Florida State, Miami, Duke, Louisville, Boston College
Road: Georgia Tech, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Pitt, Syracuse

Ah, yes, in this twisted world of expansion, NC State will play Miami, Georgia Tech, Clemson, and Notre Dame more often over the next two seasons than it will Duke. It's difficult to avoid these sorts of scheduling casualties when there is only enough room for four home-and-homes each season, alas.