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Let's yell about things, in general

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Yes. How are the darn things? Are they bearable? Are they bad? Are the things fine? NO ONE CARES IN RE: THE DEGREE OF THE FINE-NESS. Whoops I started yelling too soon. My point is yelling. I think we've all been deprived of yelling too much this sports season, and that now is a really good time to yell. Yell about whatever. I'll get us started here, because I am super calm and a wonderful model for the community.



Hmm? I don't know. How are you. WELL FINE THEN. Hmm?

Look, we're not gonna solve anything by yelling, which is the point. I insist that you yell about things solvable or otherwise. It's not important. It's just really not important. Sports aren't important. But this is not about important sports issues, it's about yelling.