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NC State highlights: BeeJay Anya, Abdul-Malik Abu lead dunk parade against Clemson

Making shots: good. Making shots that happen to be dunks: even better. NC State was outstanding on the offensive glass against Clemson on Saturday afternoon, which played a big role in the Wolfpack's victory. The Pack had three put-back dunks off of Cat Barber misses alone.

It was a mix of good passing to create opportunities for Abdul-Malik Abu and BeeJay Anya at the rim, and a mix of sheer aggression on the boards. That pair made a huge difference by rescuing a handful of possessions in what ended up being a one-score final.

Can't emphasize how much NC State needed those second-chance points with -9 turnover margin in a close game. Clemson had a huge edge in effective possessions ( those are possessions that end with a field goal attempt) thanks to that turnover margin (how the heck does a team go a full 40 with only one turnover?!), but State's superior shooting and rebounding were juuuust enough to push the overall difference in the Pack's way.