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In which we appreciate Cat Barber for the thousandth time

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

It's a lot more fun to talk about individual highlights within the context of a team victory, but at the same time we have to take whatever this season--and Cat Barber--have left to give us. Cat was tremendous in the early-going against North Carolina, highlighted by this fantastic step-back three on Nate Britt.

This is the 2016 Cat Barber in snapshot form. Cat's a threat to make jump shots now, and Britt knows this. Britt also knows that Barber right by him with that right hand if he isn't careful. Britt makes a jab toward the lane as Cat moves in that direction, and Cat reads the slight overplay, pulls back left in a split second, and buries the three.

What do you do about that? Very, very little. You guess, like Britt did, and when you're wrong, you tip your cap. This moment is Cat's game fully realized. It's what he was clearly capable of when he stepped on campus as a freshman. I'm lookin' forward to seeing where he goes next.