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NC State forward Lennard Freeman has right leg injury, will be 'very limited'

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

NC State forward Lennard Freeman has suffered another injury to his right leg, the school announced Thursday. Freeman had a rod inserted in his lower right leg to address a fracture during the offseason, but an X-ray following the UNC game found a "reoccurring stress reaction" in that leg.

Freeman has apparently been playing in pain for most if not all of this season, and now State may be shutting him down for the final stretch of the schedule. In a statement, Mark Gottfried said that Freeman will be "very limited in his availability."

The Wolfpack's sports information director provided some additional details via Twitter:

So it sounds like Freeman will have to undergo another procedure this offseason, and while the release indicates that he can still play this season, I'm not sure there's any point to that. There's little left to play for this season, so we might as well let him rest.

We'll just have to hope for Freeman's sake that the doctors can get this sorted out during the offseason.