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Terry Henderson remains sidelined with no timetable for return from ankle injury

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Terry Henderson's return to the court seems constantly to be pushed back. I would have figured we'd at least have an idea of a return date by this point in the season, but no, alas, we do not. Mark Gottfried told CBS Sports that he still doesn't know when Henderson might be ready.

The N&O's Joe Giglio chimed in with a couple nuggets of info this afternoon.

There is one other angle that we haven't talked about. Maybe Terry Henderson is not real. Now, sure, I'm certain I've spotted him at games and in photographs, and Giglio claims to have spoken to him. But what if he is merely a mental construct, a ghost representing the idea of basketball salvation? We needed Terry this year. We expected a lot from Terry. Maybe there is no Terry. Maybe he is the mirage in this desert we must traverse to get from 2015 to 2017.

On a related note, I'm going to call a psychiatrist.