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NC State's new #MadeInMarch uniforms revive the cummerbund look

Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Leave it to adidas to deliver what no one asked for. The wildly unpopular cummerbund uniforms worn by adidas schools are back, in slightly tweaked forms! NC State has been, er, blessed with the version of the uniform that most closely matches last year's.

Here they are:

I don't mind the tops, but those shorts are just never gonna work for me.

There's some claw marks around the waist, apparently, but I can't  tell where based on the above photos.

UPDATE: The claw mark runs on the left side of the shorts. Better than the pure cummerbund look from last year.

The bottom of the shorts are a bit different this year, and the off-coloring at the shoulders is also a tweak. The Wolfpack will wear these during the ACC tournament. Here's what the other adidas schools will be donning for the postseason:

I don't hate all of these--the KU, UCLA, and Indiana versions will probably look fine in the flesh. The rest, though, I dunno. Miami's are pretty rough, but we knew that already. And I don't know what crime Nebraska committed to have that random zig-zag pattern forced on it.