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Should NC State pursue a spot in the Vegas 16 or call it a season?

NC State's basketball season isn't necessarily finished.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

There is a rich tapestry of post-season college basketball tournaments nowadays. You have the NCAAs, of course, and then there's the NIT, the CBI, the CIT, and now, the Vegas 16. The Vegas 16 is marketing itself as a college hoops bowl game of sorts; it doesn't start until a couple weeks after selection Sunday, and it spans only five days.

It is unclear what the selection criteria for this event might be, but the implication here is that it will include more power-conference teams. Since NC State's loss to Duke in the ACC tournament, Wolfpack officials have been seriously pondering the Vegas 16, per the N&O's Joe Giglio.

This could be a fun event, if it can deliver on major-conference teams. The format is straightforward: 16 teams in a single-elimination tournament that begins March 26. CBS Sports Network will televise every game from the second round through the finals.

Still it's difficult to see the value for NC State given the banged-up nature of the roster. A couple of weeks is ample time for some of the guys to recharge (with Lennard Freeman being the exception--his injury is too severe), but it's been a long and difficult year for everybody, mentally and physically.