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NC State calls it a season, will not play in Vegas 16 tournament

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

NC State is not going to play another basketball game this season. Per the N&O's Joe Giglio, the Wolfpack has opted not to make itself a candidate for the new Vegas 16 tournament. Giglio reported last week that school officials were mulling a potential spot in that event.

And NC State did sleep on it Sunday night. As Selection Sunday progressed, a number of schools (LSU, Nebraska, ...) announced that they would not be pursuing any post-season tournaments. Noticeably quiet was NCSU, which offered no updates as the NCAA, NIT, CIT, and CBI fields were assembled.

So they were still thinkin' on it, but it appears they ultimately decided that with the team's roster/injury situation, they'd go ahead and sit that tournament out. Which is probably the prudent move. Who knows how much time Lennard Freeman is going to need this offseason to recover from whatever surgical procedure he's got to have? And I'm sure Cat Barber would rather be focusing on the draft process instead of a relatively meaningless tournament a couple weeks from now. (I know I would.)

I'm mildly disappointed, because I always want more NC State basketball, even in bad years like this one, which doesn't make a lot of sense but my brain has never been accused of making a lot of sense. Good night, sweet basketball, we will see you in November. And best of luck to you, Cat. Thanks for everything.