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Maverick Rowan's buzzer-beater gives NC State 73-72 win over Boston College

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Hahahahahaha what the sports just happened? I am pretty sure I'm hallucinating right now; somebody find me a daytight compartment, because I need to calm down. Here is what my eyes tell me allegedly occurred on this fine Wednesday night:

NC State and Boston College fought a neck-and-neck battle in Raleigh, one that came down the final minute. This was terribly unexpected. Boston College had the ball with under 40 seconds left and the game tied at 71, and after a ridiculous loose-ball scrum, the Eagles somehow emerged with the ball and drew a foul.

James Robinson made one of two free throw attempts, and State had 17 seconds to run a good play with Cat Barber to win the game. Instead, NC State came out of a timeout with a play that was designed to get Maverick Rowan a wing three-pointer, which he missed. Cat Barber grabbed the rebound, stepped back for another three, and missed. There was another scrum, and the ball went out of bounds off of Boston College with 1.1 seconds left.

Then this:

I just ... I mean ... okay? How did we get here? What time is it? Who's talking? EVERYTHING IS CONFUSING AND A LIE AND I FEEL MILDLY HAPPY AFTER BEING ANGRY FOR 90 MINUTES GO TEAM I LOVE YOU ALL GOOD JOB