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NC State's Mt. Rushmore of athletics: Who ya got?

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This has become a topic of discussion over the last couple of days, in the aftermath of Nick Gwiazdowski's final match. Which NC State athletes or coaches should exist on a theoretical NC State Mt. Rushmore? Sure it's not real important, but what else do we have to do, work?

I figure there's two ways to confront this question. Everett Case and David Thompson are in. They are in for their impact on both basketball in general and NC State specifically. Case made basketball a big deal in North Carolina. DT jumped to the moon and won a national title along the way. His is the school's only retired basketball jersey for a reason.

How best to approach this question, though?

I figure you can go with your standard pretend Rushmore, which has four spots and must include Case and DT, and then you can take your picks from there. Gwiz? Kay Yow? V? These are great options. There are a lot of other fantastic options as well, which the NC State hall of fame has helped us better understand.

The other way to consider this Mt. Rushmore question? Maybe there's only room for Case and David Thompson. Maybe it's more of a replica of that famous mountain. Maybe there are two people who are so much mountain that they leave no more mountain for anybody else.

Admittedly this is exclusive and it's by default unfair, but it's just so hard to weigh the impacts of anybody else, to make relative what a guy in football or wrestling or swimming or cross country contributed compared to what Case and DT meant for State. I kinda prefer this option, but that's probably because I've been staring up at that red 44 for two decades.

How would you lay out this whole pretend mountainside?