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Sophomore wings Cody and Caleb Martin will transfer from NC State

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Someday, perhaps, we'll have an offseason without a gut-punch in the form of roster attrition, but alas, this is not that offseason. Twins Cody and Caleb Martin announced Thursday that they've decided to transfer from NC State. Because this past regular season wasn't demoralizing enough!

Here's the statement from Mark Gottfried on this news:

"Through a series of honest, thoughtful and somewhat surprising conversations we have had in the days since our season ended, Caleb and Cody have informed me of their desire to explore options that they believe are in both of their best interest," said NC State head coach Mark Gottfried. "While I don't share all of their views, I have certainly come to understand and respect the unique dynamic and special bond that exists between identical twins, especially when they play the same sport for the same team. I enjoyed coaching them over the past two years."

Normally I don't feel stabbing pain all over unless I'm watching an actual game, but that good ol' feeling is back again in a surprise I super did not want. Thanks a lot, basketball team, thanks a lot.

I suppose the driving force behind these transfers could be playing time, since the Wolfpack will have more options on the wing with Torin Dorn, Maverick Rowan, Terry Henderson, and (perhaps) Shaun Kirk. But we know Cody can play in several different spots, and it's hard to imagine that Caleb and his shooting ability wouldn't find a spot in the rotation.

I just don't get it. Maybe there's something else going on in this case.

We might weather this okay in 2016-17, but after that, the roster situation looks really dicey for Gottfried. Eventually the attrition rate of his program will be the end of him in Raleigh if he can't figure out a way to halt this trend. But we can worry about the larger picture later. In the here and now, for next season, Gottfried has plenty of work to do still.