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NC State basketball: A glance at the roster next season

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Martin twins are gone. Abdul-Malik Abu is in the NBA Draft, at least for the time being. Abu should be back next season, but this still leaves a roster a bit of a mess. NC State should be okay at the guard spots, but it is in desperate need of an effective forward as complement, especially if Lennard Freeman ends up redshirting this year.

Per the N&O's Joe Giglio, that redshirt is possible. Freeman had surgery last offseason to address a fracture in his lower right leg, and that did not entirely fix the problem. He needs more surgery this offseason. And that stinks because I feel like Lennard could have been a fast learner without these setbacks. I'm not sure we have a smarter player on the team.

I'm gonna approach this under the assumptions that Abu returns and Freeman sits. That leaves the` current roster looking like this:

1: Dennis Smith / Terry Henderson / Torin Dorn
2. Terry Henderson / Torin Dorn / Maverick Rowan
3: Torin Dorn / Maverick Rowan / Terry Henderson / Shaun Kirk
4: Abdul-Malik Abu / [Mystery Guest]
5. BeeJay Anya / [Mystery Guest]

NC State will make an addition to its frontcourt over the next few months, and as more teams exit the NCAA tournament, the field of candidates will expand. The lingering question regards the quality of said Mystery Guest. If it happens to be Omer Yurtseven, then State is in business. There also are several graduate transfer options that could pay off. It wouldn't take a lot to flip this entire discussion from pessimism to excitement.

But that depends on how the next couple months unfold. There is a lot to watch, and a few things to worry about, but that's every offseason nowadays, apparently.