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Highlights: Maverick Rowan's layup at the buzzer delivers victory for NC State

Maverick Rowan was the hero against Boston College on Wednesday night, but make no mistake about it, Cat Barber was the guy NC State wanted to take the last shot. Mark Gottfried drew up a play that made sure there were multiple ways for Cat to get the basketball, but he was well defended.

First Cat ran out of the crowd at the left elbow for a potential feed in the paint, but that wasn't there; Boston College smartly had a guy playing a free safety of sorts, knowing that neither BeeJay Anya nor Cody Martin were threats to score from the perimeter.

When Cat reversed course, Boston College ran into serious trouble. Garland Owens, to his credit, was all over this--he broke off his man along the perimeter to close off an entry to Cat in the corner. The Eagles did an excellent job reading and reacting to exactly what State wanted to do with Cat Barber, but, to borrow a football term, there was a lack of eye discipline that cost BC the game.

There is no excuse for the breakdown in the paint, save pure panic. There is an overcompensation by help defenders to the Cat-side of the floor, and the screen action left Cat's man on an island of indecision. If they could have known beforehand that Owens would read this so well, then they'd probably have been fine. As it was, everybody was worried about Cat coming off that screen, which left the weak side wide open. Rowan didn't need but a couple steps to clear himself for a wide open layup.

Just a brief glance toward Cat from Caleb Martin guaranteed this play's success. The fate of the paint defenders was sealed as Caleb hit Rowan for an easy layup.