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ACC tournament 2016: NC State Wolfpack just a slight championship underdog

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

With the ACC men's basketball tournament set to begin on Tuesday afternoon--as is tradition--Ken Pomeroy has released his log5 analysis of the field. The favorite to win the ACC tourney is Virginia, followed by UNC and Miami. NC State's chances ... well, they are not zero! So we got that going for us.

State actually has a 64.3% chance of beating Wake Forest, based on this analysis, though I'm not sure how well that reflects the current state of injury-related affairs in Raleigh. Plus the fact that Wake has been off since last Tuesday, while the Pack has played two games since then. Those are not what I would call positive indicators.

After the opener, the odds of advancement take a steep dive, culminating (shrinkinating?) in the Pack's 0.2% odds of winning the whole tournament. But again, that ain't zero! Take that, haters! If anybody tells you we have no chance, you just tell them that they were way very slightly off.