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Highlights! Cat Barber and Maverick Rowan carry NC State past Wake Forest

The shot at a not-losing season lives! Maverick Rowan picked one heck of a time to hit six three-pointers, especially with the relatively quiet afternoon scorin' the ball from Abdul-Malik Abu. And I could watch that Cat Barber baseline spin move about 1,000 times without getting tired of it.

Who knows what Wednesday will bring--this NC State team can flame out at any time because of its injury/roster situation, but then again, Barber is always capable of a huge day, and if Rowan can run off a hot shoot streak that spans multiple games? Hey, maybe we aren't as dead as we thought we were.

I mean, we probably are quite dead. But for tonight at least we can think happy thoughts and enjoy the fact that it's always a lot of fun to win in a one-and-done tournament, regardless of the larger picture.

By the way, Mav's perceived clutchiness is not the result of selective memory on our parts, if you were wondering.

Now if we can just somehow convince Rowan that it's always the last five minutes...