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Dennis Smith Jr. is eager to get back on the basketball court

Roberto Serra/Iguana Press/Getty Images

Dennis Smith Jr. has been cleared to resume all basketball-related activities, but he's still got a long offseason to wait to make his official return to the court. He hasn't played in a game since last August, and man does it ever show in his remarks to the North State Journal's R. Cory Smith.

There's no way you can read that interview and not feel excited about both DSJ and NC State basketball next year. One thing I found interesting: DSJ recalls the exact date he tore his ACL. That definitely seems like a piece of motivation for him.

I also really liked this comment, when he was asked about NCSU and Mark Gottfried being the first to offer him a scholarship:

There were other schools - I won't mention any names - that offered other point guards outside of the state before me. I saw that as a slap in the face. So I kind of feel like I owe them something now.

You know, I think we just might like this kid. That is exactly the sort of mindset we need from players at NC State, too. UNC and Duke overlooked you initially? Let's go out there and make them feel that pain.

Anyway, it's a great interview, and DSJ is a great quote. Whole thing is right here.