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NC State assistant Bobby Lutz may be taking a job at Georgia Tech, per reports

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

I saw something odd pop up on Twitter the other day--it didn't make any sense at the time. There were some reports that Florida Gulf Coast head coach Joe Dooley was considering taking an assistant coaching job at NC State (Gary Parrish has confirmed as much today).

But now that makes sense, because per multiple reports Tuesday, Bobby Lutz may be in the process of taking a job on Josh Pastner's staff at Georgia Tech.


So I guess Lutz's move is likely but not guaranteed at this point. Maybe NC State is trying something last-minute to keep him in Raleigh.

While Lutz's exit would hurt, Dooley would be a tremendous replacement. He was a long-time assistant for Bill Self at Kansas before taking the FGCU gig, and he's a strong recruiter. His salary at Florida Gulf Coast is a relatively paltry $240,000, a number which, according to the News-Press' Seth Soffian, NC State will at least double.

And as Soffian explains in that piece, there are plenty of compelling reasons for Dooley to return to an assistant gig in a high-major conference.

Lutz's motivations for a potential move are more difficult to figure. It's unlikely this move would be financially motivated, unless Georgia Tech has suddenly decided to REALLY start shelling out cash for its basketball program. That would be contrary to the way in which that school's administration has done business since firing Paul Hewitt in 2011. But it's possible, I guess.

Maybe Lutz just wants a change of scenery, or maybe his relationship with Mark Gottfried has soured. The ongoing assumption has been that Lutz would leave for another chance at a head coaching job; that's always been his goal, and he's pursued several jobs over the last five years. So from the outside, going to Georgia Tech looks like a lateral move at best, and one that doesn't get him any closer to a head coaching job. I guess we'll see.