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NC State's transfer search is going to take more time, and that's okay

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

As fans we tend to overreact or super duper overreact, depending on the situation. And in light of the recent news that Savon Goodman will be heading to La Salle, it's difficult not to feel a growing sense of concern for NC State's roster situation.

I mean, if the season started tomorrow, the Wolfpack would be running out a guy on a bum leg and BeeJay Anya ... with nobody to back them up. We haven't heard anything from Abdul-Malik Abu since he declared for the NBA Draft, which adds to a growing sense of urgency.

But the season doesn't start tomorrow, and the coaches still have a lot of time to get this all sorted out and put the finishing touches on a contender built around Dennis Smith. Things are always percolatin' this time of year, it's just sometimes the percolatin' doesn't work as fast as we'd prefer.

Some of the Pack's transfer targets, like forward Ben Carter and guard Jimmy Whitt, are taking the process slow and visiting multiple schools. Other players can emerge from the transfer market at any time. Only thing to do is wait, which stinks, because waiting is terrible and un-American.

But while the Goodman news may have sent you toward the edge, I feel it is necessary to point out that in fact now is not the time to panic; it is not the time to crack each others' skulls open and feast on the goo inside. It's the offseason, folks, we're supposed to be hoarding our panic for football season and the basketball team's January tribulations.

If you spend all your panic and concern now, you may not be able to process anything that happens come September and November. You could be rendered mute as your brain short-circuits, leaving you frozen in a state of catatonic nothingness. Now, listen, that's how I get through most White Sox seasons, but it's no way of life, dammit!

Quietly stew if you must, but don't you go reaching for the panic button until at least, oh, let's say ... June?