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NC State's 1983 national title team finally getting its trip to the White House

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I never realized this, but after NC State won the national title in 1983, the team didn't get a trip to meet the president, which has since become customary. Instead, Jimmy V went to Washington D.C. by himself, and members of the team spoke with President Ronald Reagan via satellite from a studio at WRAL.

So Thurl Bailey recently led an effort to get the '83 team to the White House, with some help from Utah senator Orrin Hatch, and they got their wish. Barack Obama invited the members of that Wolfpack team to visit in May.

"The joy and the euphoria of winning a national title against all odds, as well as the pain and devastation of losing members of that family, are important parts of who I am," Bailey continued. "Contacting President Obama was one piece of our incredible journey that had eluded us for far too long."

Congrats, fellas!