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Mark Gottfried says he's had no discussions with Abdul-Malik Abu about transferring

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Along with the rest of the ACC's basketball and football coaches, Mark Gottfried has been in Florida attending the league's annual meetings. Gottfried has been largely silent during what has become a tumultuous offseason, but he did meet with the media on Tuesday.

He didn't have much in the way of details about the Abdul-Malik Abu situation, but his remarks didn't leave cause for added concern, either.

(Abu, in case you missed it, told ESPN's Jeff Goodman that he was thinking about either staying in the draft or transferring.)

I mean, I'm sure they've talked, but not about anything transfer-related, if Gott is to be believed here. Abu has been busy with the draft process, and worked out for the Minnesota Timberwolves this past Saturday. He has until the 25 of this month to make a final decision.

And Abu was not one of the players invited to the NBA's combine, which suggests he is probably not a good candidate to be drafted. Not that this necessarily affects his decision one way or the other. We'll just have to wait and see.