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How does the NC State basketball rotation shake out with Omer Yurtseven in the fold?

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Following a slow burn of bad news this offseason, NC State has landed a pair of frontcourt additions in the last three days. Darius Hicks is an undersized power forward with a lot of raw talent. Omer Yurtseven is a seven-footer with decent polish who is expected to be a first-round selection in the 2017 NBA Draft.

While there are still a few several questions to answer before we get to the season, let us now speculate in re: the rotation!

State could probably use another point guard, but if Abdul-Malik Abu and BeeJay Anya return, it's going to difficult to complain about too much. (Parentheses = status for next season unclear)

1 -- Dennis Smith Jr. / Terry Henderson
2 -- Henderson / Torin Dorn / Maverick Rowan / DSJ
3 -- Torin Dorn / Rowan / Henderson / Shaun Kirk
4 -- (Malik Abu) / (Lennard Freeman) / Darius Hicks
5 -- Omer Yurtseven / (BeeJay Anya)

A starting five of DSJ, Terry, Dorn, Abu, and Yurtseven would be pretty lethal. Lennard could probably take his redshirt year, if that's what the staff feels is needed, and if they figure Hicks can provide a similar role. One through three, State can go a lot of different directions. There's no true backup at the point, but this roster can weather that problem far more easily than last year's could.

State has the versatility to go big or also go DSJ-Terry-Dorn-Rowan-[large man], which is pretty exciting. In fact, I would like to see that lineup tomorrow. Remember when the Pack lacked three-point shooters?