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BeeJay Anya confirms his return to NC State; Lennard Freeman likely heading for redshirt year

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

All the NC State basketball news decided to happen on Thursday. It's basically all good news, so this is fine. First, Abdul-Malik Abu announced that he is withdrawing from the NBA Draft and returning to the Wolfpack for another season. BeeJay Anya did likewise later in the day.

Neither player ended up with invites to the NBA Combine, though Abu worked out for at least two teams. There are teams that like Abu a lot, but not likely any teams willing to spend a pick on him. Another year at State gives him the opportunity for a breakthrough there.

During Abu's press conference, Mark Gottfried also mentioned that Lennard Freeman had leg surgery on Wednesday. "I would anticipate him redshirting. He needs time to fully heal," Gottfried said.

NC State is now in a position where it can redshirt Freeman and not be concerned about frontcourt depth, which was the goal all along.