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Abdul-Malik Abu 'seriously considering' hiring agent or transferring, according to report

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Oh sure, I leave for a few days and the basketball team catches on fire again. I can't trust you people with anything! On Monday, ESPN's Jeff Goodman reported that Abdul-Malik Abu is considering either hiring an agent and staying in the NBA Draft or ... transferring? TRANSFERRING? The heck is goin' on around here?

Staying in the draft is one thing; I mean if he wants to go ahead and take his shot now, I'm not going to begrudge him that choice. He has a workout with the Timberwolves this weekend, and while he didn't get an invite to the NBA Combine, maybe he's hearing a lot of positive buzz. (Athough you do have to wonder just who has his ear at this point.)

Transferring, though, just to delay your draft opportunity for another year? What good does sitting out a season do for Abu at this point in his career? If you feel like you're close enough to pro-ready to really consider hiring an agent, why delay the process?

I dunno, man, I dunno. This is all very confusing. It is starting to smell rotten in Raleigh, though.