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NBA Draft 2016: Cat Barber attends workouts for Bucks, Nuggets, and Pacers

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Cat Barber has been really busy lately, and that's a good thing. Last Thursday, Barber was in Milwaukee to work out for the Bucks. On Friday, he was in Denver to showcase his skills for the Nuggets. On Monday, he was in Indianapolis to work out for the Pacers.

Here's Cat in a brief interview from this afternoon:

Cat's likely still got work to do in order to get himself into the first round of the draft, and it didn't help that he suffered a minor injury at the Combine that limited him to just one scrimmage the entire weekend. But it only takes one team that really likes him, right?

Both Denver and Indiana are in the market for guards, and they pick at No. 19 and No. 20 in the first round. Draft Express has Barber going to Indiana in the second round. The draft isn't for another month, so there's a lot that can change between now and then.

Barber did a quick Q&A with the Nuggets when he was in Denver, which you can read right here. Cat mentions that he's got some stereotypes to fight because of where he's from and what he looks like, which might be a passing reference to that weird scouting report on him that was published last month. JEO wrote about that whole thing.

Anyway, it's good to see Cat's garnering a lot of interest from NBA teams. I have a feeling that whichever team does take a chance on him will be glad it did.