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College basketball panic: A Malik Abu Instagram-post breakdown

Glenn Beil-USA TODAY Sports

Whatever it takes for you to wake the hell up, you should do that.

On Wednesday, Malik Abu made an Instagram post, and there was a picture plus a few words. So there were words, plus a minimum of one thousand additional words, and that's without even getting into the number of words that could be implied. BEHOLD

Grateful to have completed my sophomore year at state really excited for what the future holds God willing thanks to everyone who made this year special!

THIS MAN IS TRYING TO START A FIRE OF OPINION. These are trying times. And so let us traverse rationally the comment section of this Malik Abu Instagram post.

paschallutz What does it mean

What does anything mean, really? Existence holds no meaning. You exert unnoticeable actions on the universe. Your job is pointless and dull and you will die spinning around this star that almost certainly nobody will ever note. The important thing is to live in the now.

nezzle12 Abu. Just be

SOMEBODY gets it.

michaelchristmas Put your fucking shirt on

(*You're fucking shirt)

Christ, here we go

jj_m7 Fuck you

That's mean. Also I believe this person means "fuck your." I swear, you just cannot teach these people.

The hard part about dealing with the reality of pretty much everything college sports-related is that talented athletes are going to print money whether or not you care. There is a sliding scale for reasons, er, "rules," depriving teenagers of this, depending on the sport. College basketball is the worst about it, and as soon as kids can hit the eject button, usually, they do.

A lot of times that's all the explainer you need, and it would help a lot if you didn't go too far beyond that.

This is an NC State basketball offseason; things are bound to turn stupid and random; but mind that big picture.