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Mark Gottfried part of committee studying NCAA tournament selection process

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I don't think there is a systematic problem with the way the selection committee determines the NCAA basketball tournament field, but regardless, the National Association of Basketball Coaches has put together a group of coaches to study the process. That group includes NC State head coach Mark Gottfried. (hat tip to Newclass)

It's difficult to figure what they're hoping to accomplish with this examination; I mean, other than a decrease in John Calipari's Selection Sunday whining. He's on this committee as well, so it might be a bust. Doesn't matter what anybody finds about anything, Calipari is gonna wrap it around some hair-gel-laden words that no one cares about but nonetheless must endure.

I digress. The important thing is that Mark Gottfried does not divulge too much regarding his efficient non-conference scheduling, otherwise known around these parts as #schedukong. We've got to take these edges where they're given. Gott has an opportunity to push what works--and what should work--in evaluating at-large teams, but he doesn't need to go too far beyond a wink and a nod, either.

I'm not seeing the problem. I, for one, like having multiple strokes ahead of the announcement of an NC State at-large bid. The system is perfect. More to the point, NC State basketball is perfect. I challenge you to live any other way!