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As the NBA Draft arrives, Cat Barber faces a night of tension

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NCAA Basketball: ACC Conference Tournament-Wake Forest vs North Carolina State Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Cat Barber has enjoyed plenty of interest from NBA teams since announcing his decision to turn pro. He’s been all over the country going through workout after workout. What that’s done for his draft stock, one way or the other, is difficult to gauge.

There’s been little movement for Barber in the various mock drafts that litter the internet this time of year. DraftExpress still has Barber going near the end of the second round to the New Jersey Nets. This mock from’s Scott Howard-Cooper has Barber going a half a dozen spots higher, to Detroit.

I’ve also seen a mock or two putting Barber in the top third of the second round, but that seems to be about as optimistic as anybody is willing to get. So it seems likely that it’s going to be a long night for Cat.

While the night might prove difficult, going in the second round, or even going undrafted entirely, isn’t the worst outcome in the world. The bottom line is that Barber is going to get his chance to stick somewhere, and he’s good enough to make it. It just may take a while to learn what his immediate future holds.