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NC State finishes No. 8 nationally in men's college basketball attendance

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Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

As usual, NC State finished the college basketball season with one of the highest average attendance figures in the country. This year, State finished eighth, and that was despite a losing season. (Some of the reason for the jump probably had to do with the Sweet Sixteen run the year prior, but still.) Pat yourselves on the back, brave basketball ticket holders.

These schools finished ahead of NCSU, in this order: Kentucky, Syracuse, Louisville, North Carolina, Maryland, Wisconsin, and Indiana. All of them either have larger arenas than the PNC, or they were, you know, good at the basketball.

Between this and the news recently that State has sold a record number of football season tickets for 2016, we can't question the support of this fanbase. But then, that's never been the problem, has it?

The hoops program has been in the top 25 in attendance for 17 consecutive years, or in other words, ever since PNC Arena opened.