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Cat Barber scores 13 for Pelicans in his third Vegas Summer League game

Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Cat Barber closed out the "regular season" of the Vegas League with 13 points in 17 minutes for the Pelicans on Monday night. (Every team plays three games and then they have a tournament to decide which team is the champ.) It's the first time Cat's hit double figures in his professional career.

It was also his best shooting effort of the weekend--he was decent but inconsistent in his debut on Friday, then didn't play much Saturday, but came back Monday by knocking down five of 11 attempts from the field, including a three-pointer. He did miss a free throw, however. (Gasp!)

It still surprises me when he misses a free throw, and y'know, free throws are not that easy. They seem that easy, but that's because we've been watching Cat drain them for the last year.

As for what this weekend means for Barber's NBA future--that's tough to figure. Cat did his usual Cat things, but he also came off the bench in each game, behind starting point guard Larry Drew II. Cat also did not officially record an assist on Monday night, which will not help his reputation as a score-first point guard.

But you gotta press the issue and push with whatever you think highlights your game when you aren't getting a lot of minutes in your NBA audition, and Cat did that.