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Mark Gottfried doesn’t ‘give a shit’ about reality or defense or pride, apparently

This is getting ugly.

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina State at North Carolina
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To be fair to Mark Gottfried, he’s had a really bad four days. On Sunday, his team is blown out in historic fashion, and probably he’s been hearing about that ever since. Probably he’ll hear about it forever. On Wednesday, his team wilted in the second half on the road against an inferior Boston College team and lost.

Normally the Gott Man is measured in his press conferences after games; on Wednesday night, that was not the case. Gottfried said that the BC game marked progress for his team, and when he was challenged on this point, he lost his composure a bit.

The bottom line is this: Mark Gottfried is getting defensive over the performance of his team following an eight-point loss to the worst team in the ACC. He considers this progress. It is not. (Video of that rant here, by the way.)

This is a rare public crack in decorum for Gottfried and it’s telling. He can’t possibly believe what he’s saying, and what’s extra funny about this is he thinks no one else possibly understands that Boston College is an improved team. We know, Mark, believe me, plenty of people have access to Ken Pomeroy’s website these days. Except you. You’ve always stubbornly ignored that approach to analyzing opponents.

What’s both comical and sad about this is Gottfried’s arrogant diagnosis/excuse for the game when his team is the one that fundamentally breaks down on every single defensive possession. So you knew BC was a good team and no one else did, okay, sure, so why don’t your players know? Shouldn’t they probably know? Shouldn’t they know how to communicate or rotate or close out on defense? Why are you yelling at fans when your own shortcomings are obviously the problem? Who are we really yelling about here, coach?

The last goddamned thing I needed to hear tonight was Gott on a rant about how people just don’t understand how good Boston College—Boston College!—is at basketball and well sure we were favored by five points and lost by eight but this is progress. Get the hell right on out of here with that attitude, man. “No one appreciated BC as much as BC should have been appreciated” — no, Mark, just no.

This is on you. This is entirely on you. You can talk all you want about how Boston College is a lot better than the inept version of BC that went 0-18 in league play last year—and BC is a lot better this year—but how about you don’t condescend to the fan base after you lose a game to what is still clearly the worst team in this league?

As far as I see it, there’s not a lot to parse here: Gottfried’s team has been embarrassed in every single true road game it has played this season, including that heroic eight-point loss at BC. Gott is now pathetically whimpering his way through post-game pressers and somehow insisting that the one road game his team lost by fewer than 10 points constitutes improvement.

Mark Gottfried says the team’s gotten better after an eight-point loss to Boston College. Just think about that for a minute.