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Cameron Crazies’ cheer sheet for NC State game predictably lame

Were these kids ever actually funny, or have they just been overrated through manufactured legend?

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina at Duke Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

Duke has a home game this evening, which means it is once more time for the Duke student body to flex its comedic talents, of which it apparently has few. Here is the “dirt” on NC State they managed to cobble together prior to the game this evening, via Marilyn Payne:

(If you can’t read that, the image is ZOOMED and ENHANCED right here.)

Imagine the sigh of relief exhaled by Ted Kapita and Chris Brickhouse when they found out they escaped such emotionally crippling shade as “Shaun Kirk once went snowboarding and he was not great at it.” Damn, kids. Words hurt, you know.