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Dennis Smith reduced Cameron Indoor to rubble

Dennis Smith came to NC State for exactly this moment.

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina State at Duke
“sorry, coach, i’m gonna go kill ‘em”
Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

I understand how Dennis Smith can be controversial—unfairly—within the context of team performance, but at the same time, holy damn hell, Dennis Smith is real good at basketball. Dennis Smith about near single-handedly killed Duke in Durham and if you can’t appreciate that then there is no helping you, you sad sad person.

This season has not been what we wanted but don’t let that get in the way of Dennis Smith being brilliant at basketball and definitely don’t let that shit bother you when we beat Duke at Duke because the hell with Duke. DENNIS DESTROYED AN ENTIRE COUNTY

Enjoy this while you can, and by that I mean did you see where Dennis jumped off for that dunk? I’m just gonna shake my head into whatever end may come. Dennis Smith is 1-0 in Cameron Indoor. This year has been bad but then again there’s DSJ blowing up an entire building.