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NC State turns in lifeless effort at Louisville, falls 85-60

Welcome back to reality, everybody!

North Carolina State v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

NC State’s back. You know, the real one. The one without any pride or effort? Yeah, that one. A pathetically confused first 10 minutes on Sunday afternoon led a three-averse Louisville team to shoot and make a bunch of them, which buried the Wolfpack early. The Cardinals had 28 points in the first 10 minutes and cruised to an 85-60 win over State.

Louisville is not a team that normally shoots a lot of three-pointers, and for some damned reason NC State’s dunce crew of a coaching staff thought a zone look—rather than applying pressure to Louisville’s thin guard corps—was a good idea. The Cardinals got so many good looks from three, they couldn’t resist, and they made a lot of them. You don’t get looks that wide open when you’re on the driveway shooting by yourself.

Donovan Mitchell got lost by State’s clueless defense time and time again and made the Pack pay by scoring the first 14 points of the game for Louisville. He finished with 28, and hit six of 10 three-point attempts. Louisville, a 35% three-point shooting team on the season, made 12 of 24 as a team. That’s a sorry indictment of the Pack’s defensive intelligence, which was pretty much non-existent.

Good teams expose you, and when you’re bad, you let them do it with no consequences. That’s NC State this season. God I’m sick of watching this shit.