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NC State and defense go together like nuts and gum

Which is to say, not at all.

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina State at Louisville Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

You may have been wondering aloud for a while now, “why is NC State so mega-bad defensively? I knew they wouldn’t be world beaters but how is it possible they are this bad?” Sadly I have no answers, only video that shows how far beyond hope they have become.

Here we have Markell Johnson and Dennis Smith kinda floating around the perimeter, with Omer Yurtseven stuck on an island in the paint. Johnson let’s Gigantor waltz right on by, leaving Yurt in an impossible spot and the result is an easy dunk. It gets worse!

Um, Malik, buddy? What is it would you say you’re doin’ here exactly? Heading for the concession stand? Thinking about magnets and how they work? Is your mind in the midst of civil war with your body? Anybody home in there? Because there certainly ain’t anybody home in the paint, am I right.

Maybe everyone on the team has been put into a situational hex that only affects them once they cross the time line on defense. Perhaps they begin speaking in tongues, just blathering nonsense, which would explain why no one appears capable of basic communication.

Really it’s anyone’s guess at this point.