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NC State conducts dunk parade against Virginia Tech

Let’s do this more often.

NCAA Basketball: Virginia Tech at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

When NC State’s offense is as good as it was Wednesday night—and when they other team is cooperating—then good sweet heavens is the Wolfpack fun. State finished with dunk after dunk against Virginia Tech, completely overwhelming the undersized Hokies in the process. There was even an amazing Darius-Hicks-to-Shaun-Kirk oop in garbage time.

This exchange here was just one part of the madness of this game:

(DSJ gif credit: @no23sports)

And don’t look now, folks, but NC State has pulled to within six dunks of FSU this season. Just two weeks ago, NC State was almost 30 dunks behind the Noles.

Malik Abu also is the top dunker in the conference:

It pays to play with Dennis Smith. And also to be Dennis Smith. DSJ is the only guard on this list, which is pretty impressive. Not surprising, mind you, but nonetheless impressive.