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NC State basketball and Terry’s Tow, Pawn, And Laundromat need to stop with the 100-point tire irons

Honestly, what good is this giveaway doing any of us.

New York City's 'Iron Triangle' Photo by Viviane Moos/Corbis via Getty Images

(Editor’s note: The following is meant in good fun—just a gentle poke at our friends at Tar Heel Blog—and we hope it’ll be taken in the spirit of rivalry week. There is, sadly, no such agreement between NCSU and a tow-pawn-laundromat operation. YET.)

Now, let me say at the outset here, that I think we all appreciate the free tire iron that fans receive from Terry’s Tow, Pawn, And Laundromat each time the NC State basketball team scores 100 points. You can hear that appreciation every time the Wolfpack nears the century mark, and as the walk-ons enter to put the finishing touches on such a game, the crowd reaches a fever pitch.

But it is time to re-examine this deal, gracious though it is. For one thing, you know, getting a free tire iron isn’t really a great deal when you think about it. My car came with a tire iron already, I didn’t need another one. If I did need one then I could probably bum one off of my dad or a cousin or something. Really anyone with a car. But now I have 45 tire irons just lying around my bedroom.

Additionally, Terry’s Tow, Pawn, And Laundromat has only one location, and it is deep in the North Carolina mountains west of Boone, on an unmarked gravel road, and if you don’t know the password, Terry will gun you down at the gate. This is generally inconvenient for much of the student population. That’s a long way to drive just to barely avoid getting shot. (The password is TACO CANTEEN fwiw.)

What I’m saying is this: Whenever NC State’s tall sports persons throw the ball through a circle and reach an arbitrarily determined milestone via the accrual of intangible and completely-meaningless-in-the-grand-scheme-of-life “points,” we should all get a free thing. We earned it. We all did. It’s just that the free thing should be much better.

Perhaps a roll of coins to Terry’s laundromat would be more practical for today’s modern college student. Perhaps instead, NC State could find a local establishment willing to give away some food to students, many of whom are on a budget. I’m just spitballing here, but rest assured, I, for one, have accepted my last free tire iron.

Sorry, Terry, it’s not you.