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NC State guard Braxton Beverly lawyers up as school files reconsideration request with NCAA

You want to play on these terms, NCAA, well Braxton Beverly is willing.

NCAA Basketball: Final Four-NCAA President Mark Emmert Press Conference Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Braxton Beverly is not going to merely sit by and accept the NCAA’s ruling against him; Beverly and his family have retained attorney Scott Tompsett to fight for his ability to play for this season. NC State has also filed a “request for reconsideration” on the matter, which may be its final recourse as the regular season looms less than 48 hours away.

According to the bio on Tompsett’s website, he has extensive experience litigating against the NCAA on behalf of both players and coaches. (Sounds like the majority of his experience is with coaches, for some obvious money-related reasons.)

We’ve seen the NCAA wilt under legitimate legal challenges in the past—the UNC case being the most prominent recent example—so it is hard to blame the Beverly family for giving it a shot via this route. Especially since, as noted repeatedly by anyone with a brain, there was a terrible, baseless ruling in this case.