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NC State makes history, really improbable history, in blowout win over Jacksonville

Nobody could have seen this one coming.

NCAA Basketball: Battle 4 Atlantis-North Carolina State vs Arizona Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

NC State scored 116 points against Jacksonville on Friday night, and that number alone says plenty about how good the Wolfpack offense was that night. State made a school-record 19 threes in the process of running Jacksonville out of the building, and with that school record came an overall performance that probably has not been topped this century.

NC State averaged 1.6 points per possession against the Dolphins, which is probably one of the 10 or 15 best offensive performances that will happen all season. It was easily the best offensive performance by an NC State team since at least 2002, which is as far back as the KenPom archives go.

Here are the top five offensive performances by an NC State team since 2002:

1.) 1.6 PPP (vs. Jacksonville, 2017)
2.) 1.51 (vs. Campbell, 2005)
3.) 1.47 (vs. ECU, 2005)
4.) 1.42 (vs. Morehead State, 2012)
5.) 1.4 (vs. Towson, 2009)

The bizarre thing about this is that it’s this team, with its obvious limitations and absent starting point guard, that managed to set this mark. That Pack has fielded a bunch of teams with more talent than this one, but this one ended up having the best game of the century, probably. That’s college basketball for you, I guess.