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Mark Gottfried will be fired at end of season, per ABC 11 report

It appears the Gott Man’s tenure in Raleigh is just about over.

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina State at Duke Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

NC State will fire head coach Mark Gottfried at the conclusion of this season, per a report from ABC’s Mark Armstrong. Gottfried’s tenure appeared to be approaching this sort of abrupt end, though nothing regarding his status had been reported prior to this evening.

Following a dreadful 2016 season, the 2017 season has fallen apart at the seams on Gottfried—State is 14-12 (3-10) and riding a five-game losing streak, with no apparent end in sight. The final nail, if Armstrong’s report is accurate, was the 30-point loss in Winston-Salem on Saturday. The program is obviously listless and in crisis, and that lifeless performance merely solidified those facts.

Armstrong also reports that NC State has already reached out to Archie Miller, which is to be expected—Miller was always going to be the first, second, and third choice. Miller, mind you, couldn’t possibly comment publicly on any of this, just as NCSU officials are insisting that Mark Gottfried is still State’s coach and their “focus is on Wednesday.