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NC State predictably blown the hell out by UNC, 97-73

Just playing out the string.

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

NC State’s meltdown rolled on with no end in sight on Wednesday night, as the Wolfpack quickly fell behind the Tar Heels and lost the game 97-73. Dennis Smith scored a lot of points and did some good basketball stuff, but as usual, that was completely overshadowed by the disaster this team has become.

State fell behind by 17 in the first half and pretty much its only sign of life was a run to cut UNC’s lead to six, but by the half, the Tar Heels were up by 14. This game was never in doubt at any point, except for maybe like the first minute when it’s difficult to build a decisive lead seeing as how it’s the first minute of the game and a minute only lasts one minute.

Smith carried State in the first half while the rest of the team struggled to create any sort of offense, and as is usually the case in this matchup, the Tar Heels crushed the Pack on the glass. You can really see the plain don’t-care on the defensive end during rebounding situations, where guys run completely unchecked for wide open boards and/or easy layups. It’s sad.

Carolina, which runs a functional offense and has a coach who understands matchups, quickly assaulted and burned an NC State team that went with a small lineup to begin the game. That alteration, uh, didn’t work at all for the Pack, which seized zero advantage at the offensive end, thus making the move pointless.

Wednesday night wasn’t as painful as it could have been—I mean, hey, UNC could have run up 120 points or something. And, see, the fact that I just wrote that sentence as a small comfort to myself just tells me how bad this has gotten.