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Joel Berry once again calls out NC State for being soft

And he is not wrong.

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Following UNC’s 97-73 dismantling of NC State on Wednesday night, Joel Berry was candid about the Tar Heels’ approach to this game. Basically, they expected State to give up at the first sign of adversity, and they were right, by the way.

I mean, you are knocking what NC State is doing, but that’s okay, Joel, we all get it.

This is how bad things have gotten for NC State at this point: the Wolfpack is broken, and there are no more legitimate cares left on that bench, and everyone else in the league is fine making note of it like it’s everyday business. Man, a player for Wake Forest called State’s team out as a bunch of quitters on Saturday. It’s hard to figure a lower point

Berry has done it twice! This is from earlier in the week:

Everyone can see it, and unfortunately there’s no response to this, since everybody, from Gott on down to the players, has thrown in the towel. This NC State basketball team never had any pride even when the year wasn’t obviously headed off a cliff. Now? Forget about that shit. There was absolutely zero retribution on Wednesday night for Joel Berry’s pre-game remarks. That’s all the explanation necessary.