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Heroic man silently protests NC State basketball by reading car manual during game

Is it the offseason yet?

NCAA Basketball: Notre Dame at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

“Shit, Denise.”

“What is it, Kevin?”

“I forgot I might need reading material and didn’t grab anything. What do we have?”

“Well, we’re in the parking lot at the arena so not much, let me look in the glove compartment.”

[45 minutes later]

“Huh, didn’t realize that there’s a USB connector inside the compartment between the front seats, oh look we’re down 20 in the basketball game.”

“So at least we can charge our phones on the way home.”

“Huge. This is huge.”


“Oh yeah that too but also: our spare tire is a name brand tire, that’s huge, Denise.”

“Totally huge, agreed.”

“Basketball team might be rallying.”

“Not important right now, Kevin. What’s that warning light that came on this morning?”

“Hold on, I’m finding it ... looks like, coolant leak. Think we might have a coolant leak.”

“That sucks but it could be worse.”

“It definitely could be worse, you should see the rest of these warning lights.”